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60m ultimate DX New Zealand

 Woow 60M for the first time heard and worked  the ultimate DX  New Zealand since 29 January ZL HAM's have access to the 60m band. Short path distance 18500km  But i believe this morning was long path grey line unlike the map shows and calculates. calculation shortpath to longpath :  40000-18500 =    21500km USB DIAL 5.362MHz  not the usual 5357 Optimal time seems around 8Z in daylight  for New Zealand  / Pacific ZL4AS ZL3NB ZL3CW ZL4OL    in FT8  and ZL3AB ZL4OL in JT9 that decodes to -25dB  ZL3CW was  heard weak in cw  under callers 3D2AG was reported but not copied here last year i saw 3D2AG and T2 was earlier in the morning  05 Z 1x spot by VK7BO  09:02Z                                              60m lacking in DXCC select           CQ 160 CW     To compensate for FT8 QSO  2 nights CW activity            Sunday evening could not TX without TVI   1.8MHz interferes  ADSL+  TV  signal  here           I thought to have it fixed...


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