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WD2XSH/7 EM31JS ODX 7830km 0.495970 MHz +ARRL CW

One more extra plus to WSPR is that it will not interfere with other users on the bands since it uses only 200Hz bandslots and low power beacons.  It was a matter of time but one day i should also receive the /7 since it was received every night by G8HUH in West U.K. But low band propagation is not going to be better coming months since we are heading towards spring. Not this morning very cold freezing wind.   Last night propagation was restored enough from the recent eruption on the Sun. For the first time i had 2 decodes of WD2XSH/7  in EM31js    now my ODX  receive is improved to 7830km WD2XSH/17 weak decoded also 5630km  /17 can be decoded almost every night  2011-02-19 04:18  WD2XSH/7   0.495970   -24   0   EM31js   20   PA0O   JO33hg   7830   39 2011-02-19 06:24   WD2XSH/17   0.495891   -26   0   FN42pb   1   PA0O   JO33hg   5630  Before I was S&P on 160m  for the ARRL CW TEST  the mother of all contests Remarkable quiet on 160m CW  easy to find a free fr


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