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ES3RF 70.201MHz FSK screendump

Many reflections  quick QSO
Thanks for the new one Gennadi

Aurora effect

70.296 LA4ANA JO59CU 55A
70.174 GM4JYB IO88UP 52A going down fast new one GM

70MHz FSK441

Screen dump  with IS0WAZ

also  new  YO2LAM  in FSK441   good reflections  4seconds the best

Last night  WE6XGR almost continuous copied at  499.501 kHz again

Landen tot nu toe gewerkt 70MHz
PA        tropo
DL       tropo
ON      tropo
G         tropo
LA       tropo/ms
OH      ms
OZ       tropo
YO      ms
I           ms
IS0       ms

499.501 kHz WE6GXR many decodes last night

2012-02-24 03:14  WE6XGR  0.499501  -19  0  FN12  50  PA0O  JO33hg  5988  47 

25 times decoded
 also many decodes by PA0A

 2012-02-24 03:14  WE6XGR  0.499501  -14  0  FN12  50  PA0A  JO33de  5972  48 

Albert  nu iets betere ontvangst lijkt het. 
Ik had  bandhopping  498kHz  80 en 160 aanstaan dus 1/3 van de tijd  op 498kHz
 De 1e keer dit seizoen een signaal over de plas  op  500kHz

donderdag ochtend  HR/F2JD  zeer goed signaal op 160m  maar helaas geen tijd even geprobeerd met 100W
maar toen moest ik stoppen.

70MHz   transverter is klaar.  Propagatie is er niet echt.
Geen ES  Aurora  en slechts matig meteorscatter
paar Landen nu gewerkt  PA,OZ,DL,G,I,LA,OH  enige DX  mogelijkheid is FSK441 of JT6M JT65B voor tropo afstand (LA)

Dus staat WSPR vaak aan.
Altijd  decodes van PA0TBR Ton, Richard G3SHK IO90DX  ( 623km tropo) en OZ7IT Jørgen
Er is veel meer mogelijk maar ja de meest om's  hebben geen idee of willen  niet een WSPR baken signaaltje laten staan.
Ik wil maximaal gebruik maken van de &q…


Het ging de laatste tijd alleen maar berg af met de propagatie.
Veel  geomagnetisch stormen.
Dan was 10m toch nog redelijk open zaterdag middag.

160m was de slechtste band
aantal gehoorde stations slechts 5 
Met 100W was er niet veel te beginnen
Maar toch KC1XX en KM1W  beiden op 6 banden 
 W3LPL  kon me niet horen  eindeloos CQ hoorde niemand!
Jammer dat zou ook een 6-bander zijn.

Op 80m ging het s'morgens goed.    Wat ik hoorde kon ik gemakkelijk werken.  Ik hoorde velen tevergeefs roepen
 Dus slecht kan de   geïmproviseerde  80  "shunt" verticaal niet zijn.
40m zondag ochtend  goed open naar west-kust   NV MT UT BC WA CA   ze kwamen allemaal tot verbazing retour.

Ook de  duoband 30/40 inv-V dipool  kan nooit helemaal trash zijn ik kwam in de piles redelijk snel aan de beurt.

de teller staat  10uur lokaal op 369Q  141 multy's

live score te volgen op

Zondag  10m  zwak  geen nieuwe stations kunnen werken
Maar  15m was tijdens SS  super veel multy  NV UT…

OH5LID KP41KL 70.267 MS FSK441

FW0NAR/P    7031 CW  op de valreep    very good ears   in a lot of QRI again

Hello 28MHz a bit recovered

listening  3512kHz  for ZK2C  nothing heard this morning
Might have been the last chance  this  FB expedition  ends 17-2-2012
Bad luck all the earth magnetic disturbances   since the good 80M copy of VP6T  it has not got good again.

heard very clear 539/549 signal  ZL3NB  working G's  at 3505
 RX loop direction  S-W  long path
On the TX antenna hardly detected in the noise

WSPR 28 this morning

2012-02-16 10:04  PA0O  28.126166  -17  0  JO33hg  1  VK3XPT  QF22nd  16426  78

2012-02-16 09:12  PA0O  28.126178  -1  0  JO33hg  1  A45WT  LL93  5462  106  2012-02-16 09:24  PA0O  28.126176  -20  0  JO33hg  1  UA9XSS  LP63tn  2885  48  2012-02-16 08:18  UA9XSS  28.126085  -25  2  LP63tn  10  PA0O  JO33hg  2885  269 
Some improvements to the 70MHz   BLF177  done  now  "easy 150 out in the dummy load" Had to replace  the middle LP coil section with a longer one  that helped a lot. The unwanted feedback at 28MHz seems to be fixed also. Also the used brown 500V silver mica Sprague  C  …

28MHz propagation bye bye

No VK at all this morning.
The solar magnetic storm cleared all.

Yesterday morning  ZK2C  7012kHz CW  not easy 
Great expedition.
It will be difficult to get them on 80m tought I heared some weak CW this morning at 80m 3512  ???  must have been my imagination
still hangover from the marathon CW PACC run?
During PACC Sunday morning I heard FW0NAR at 40 CW very very weak on the K9AY loop working to EU possible I was to late local 10:30 already to have success.  They could not copy me ( PA switched on)

I had to  play lumberjack to improve my firewood stock.
Heavy job took all evening.

Then saw there had been some aurora. Possible i missed some signals at 70MHz.
Got some new tuning C  Arco462 and Philips Teflon types.
Tried to improve the performance  of the BLF177 Amp
Not really could improve it.
But could leave out one tuning C  without drop of performance.
The Arco462 in the top middle seems to be redundant. 

Now the BLF177 Drain goes over the 5 turns coil over the 1nF DC uncoupler C  in the 2 stage …

PACC 2012 its over!

Ben wel een beetje murv nu. CW only en Low Power /K3 power

live scores   alleen PI4TUE  en PA6V   lieten de live score zien.

The BLF177 some better result

Few days later I changed the coils in the lowpass filter.
Almost doubled the inductance from the RFsimm calculated values.
Also thicker wire used 1.2mm .  And the Spraque C's replaced by an Arco 80pF compression type trimmer.
Now the heat developed is much lower and the efficiency increased to about 50%.
Great tool RFsimm99  but still I need to do the old solder work to change real components and test again. 
Now the only wish is  having a bit more gain it needs >10W drive for full output.  I can not let out the 1Ohm parasite stopper at the gate. If so i see  oscillations.
I tried a wire trough 1 ferrite pearl   with 3 ferrite rings no drive power came through!  1 ring i had power but the ring got hot!
Messured 1 wire gives about  70nH (at 500kHz)  Those tiny rings do a lot more then thought!
The BLF177 takes a lot RF gate current at low impedance.

A few days  I let it rest it was useless to continue the trial and error method. I went ice-scathing.
Then I did check the  low-pass filter u…

I want my lazy BLX15 back!

I did replace my old BLX15 power transistor with a modern Power MOS device.
The BLF177   the BLX15 has 6dB gain only at 70MHz.
While the BLF177 should have over 20dB.

After a few days  trying all I could think of to get stable power out of the BLF177 MOS   at 70MHz  the result was  2 melted tuning C's.
It sure can generate power this device  but I did not manage to let it  work at the wanted frequency.
Many combinations of L and C  where tested. The original circuit was  used for 50MHz relatively  close to 70MHz.  I did not expect major changes in the L and C's  in use.
The   2 stage low-pass filter should be almost the same.
Of course the bias circuit is different   but simple only a pot-meter to get about 3V at the gate for 500mA. The BLX15 needed the 0.7 PN diode in parallel to get a 500mA bias.
I have  edited  an input file with the scattering parameters from the specification data for  RFSimm99

I need a working circuit with practical L and C values to continue.
It is ve…

PACC comes propagation leaves,,

423 km to OZ7IT
624km IO90

Will the sunspots left us just before the PACC?  28MHz closes just 2 days before the PACC?
Last year just 1 day after the PACC  28 opened..

PACC  next weekend   but propagation  has been  very poor last 2 days.  only  VK6XT  was left  on 28MHz  and very  short open to USA.     80/160m  very poor     160m suffers  almost a radio blackout.    Hope it will improve for the weekend ..

ZL2TCA 28.126039 WSPR spot this morning fb propagation

whole page this morning  real good on 10M

 2012-02-02 08:10  ZL2TCA  28.126039  -26  0  RE79sp  5  PA0O  JO33hg  18354  334  2012-02-02 07:10  VK2MEV  28.126023  -16  0  QF57ua  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16452  320  2012-02-02 07:24  PA0O  28.126173  -15  0  JO33hg  1  VK2MEV  QF57ua  16452  65  2012-02-02 07:22  VK2MEV  28.126022  -13  0  QF57ua  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16452  320  2012-02-02 07:36  PA0O  28.126173  -15  0  JO33hg  1  VK2MEV  QF57ua  16452  65  2012-02-02 07:32  VK2MEV  28.126022  -14  0  QF57ua  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16452  320  2012-02-02 07:12  PA0O  28.126173  -18  0  JO33hg  1  VK2MEV  QF57ua  16452  65  2012-02-02 07:44  VK2MEV  28.126022  -26  0  QF57ua  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16452  320  2012-02-02 07:48  PA0O  28.126173  -25  0  JO33hg  1  VK2MEV  QF57ua  16452  65  2012-02-02 07:56  VK2MEV  28.126022  -24  0  QF57ua  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16452  320  2012-02-02 08:00  PA0O  28.126171  -13  0  JO33hg  1  VK3XPT  QF22nd  16426  78  2012-02-02 07:48  PA0O  28.126171  -12  0  JO33hg  1  VK3XP…