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Linuxing with Mint

My low power Laptop Dell D420 was running W7 and wspr 2.21 for 2 years 24*7 Then i switched it off for some time, the accu pack died Never did reboot W7 again so need to install new OS I prefer W10 but that will need a faster system Ubuntu was not stable it lost WLAN randomly Good moment to give Linux Mint a try And Mint is nice and stable firefox  had some issues not recovering and cloning tabs maybe i'l try google. Ubuntu also had issues with crashing pages in firefox after reboot I have never seen this with IE or Chrome in W7 or W10 Everything else works  easier in Mint ! Except the choice off apps Installed WSJT-x 1.9.1   the latest Mint version atm Then the first linux-struggle was to get CAT connected to the IC706 relative easy once you know how it goes.. CAT  Hamlibs install  I downloaded and unzipped HAMLIB 3.2 followed the install instructions Then if you do it right the screen will scroll for 5minutes at least with the most interesting


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