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CQWW CW 2015 Contest experience single op high all band

Start in the early Saturday morning very short night after a party the Friday night before. Soon I had to change the logging PC for a faster one.  Unworkable  delays in T/R tx-ing and tx hanging for seconds  forced me to stop. I transferred  to a Lenovo W510  and  N1MM+    since then flawless CW  without the annoying delays. I had used this "slow Dell D420 low power Laptop  long time in PACC and other contests without much problems. I transfered my rotary 40-10m dipole into a 4ele yagy for 10 and 15m  and  the 1 ele for 40 and 20m This is a Japanese Hidaka Denky   VS-2440 multy band Yagi/Una My plan was to use a bit more antenna in the CQWW CW    Last weeks we had terrible weather wind and rain. Only Thursday was a break. In the night at full moon no wind it was a challenge to do the antenna work using a head light. I had romoved the 4 and 6m beams.   in 4 hours time it was ready to test but it was already 1 in the morning and next day I had to be at QRL


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