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PACC 2020

Antenna's ready    Steppir   and new linear load rotary 40m dipole  14m  wide very light using glasfiber fishing rod's and foldback wire linear load design thanks Thomas PA1M Using the  Hidaka Denki  driving element holder.   replaced the trapped  multi band 40 20 15 10m elements with 2x 7m fishing poles that fits upon the 30mm center stubs filling the gap with tape also protecting the thin fiber rods against the stiff aluminium tubes. This radiator is part of the 4ele VS2440  former produced by  Hidaka Denky I can switch back to the original multi band the weight is very low about 1kg for an almost full size 40m rotating dipole not bad i think, it could even survive CIARA but i did not want to risk that. The shunt wire is 2x 12.5 m foldeded back in one loop and about 1m wire  hanging down a the top, that this wire is moving in the wind does only slightly affect the tuning , the stray capacity does not change much. The whole 40m 7.000 to 7.200 can be  covered   SWR 


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