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EU1KY Antenna Analyser. / Ukraine XVTR 144 TCXO

EU1KY its fb  Antenna Analyser project the software  is still further developed The latest fw 040  KD8CEC  offers even FT8 and other digi modes TX   Will need i2c  GPS clock and the frequency has to be corrected in the 200Hz window for WSPR                                           STM32F746G Discovery board used in  EU1KY A.A. Nice but some boards have a short circuit issue with JP2 external 5V supply. The soldering of this JP5 pins caused short to mass.  The jp2 solder pad above has an extreme smal isolation gap,  just a few 0.01 mm !  And the mass plane around it has a small edge of the mask uncovered ! Almost impossible to avoid solder bridges. Both of my Discovery board's suffered short circuit right out the box. I heard of at least 2 other cases. This is a weak spot, i would say a design flaw. To fix it this i removed JP2 it's glued. Then carefully remove all solder from the 5V pad until all !  shorts are gone. Then re-solder applying absolu


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