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ARRL10M experience

Objective:  For Amateurs worldwide to exchange QSO information with as many stations as possible on the 10 meter band.   28MHz the history of contesting goes back to 1920 with the first Transatlantic radio test transmissions. final result  band closed early Sunday afternoon 1700 local  There was no evening SS peak to USA signals faded early afternoon already. 10m was poor running empty CQ long times but result was better then expected the decay of high band propagation is clear.    cycle 24 had its weak peak 2 years ago. This could have been the last 10m contest with reasonable propagation before we go into the long solar minimum towards cycle 26 Realtime score report rank 8 in single CW high at our band close 17:00 local   The last result for our Veron competition closes 15 -12-2015 The 4 el 10/15 beam Friday  night  up again in relative good wx  a good decision  I have 10dB noise in north direction but with the beam I could eliminate tha


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