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Saturday early morning K1N 1817.4   strong! to 589 big signal for 160. That should be an easy one call QSO..  hahah I did not knew then that I better went back to sleep... k1n_160_1.mp3 One time responded PA0 but never received my full call then they went on with an Italian. Hard to understand that with such signal I could not make it. I used to have a decent 160m signal even with low power and thought it be easy with such signal. Should have known better eorking DXpeditions with the QRP ACOM1000 is very hard.. They will have heavy QRM s9+  I guess It is like EME working DX-peditions  the path attenuation must be about the same and the QRM does the rest. after some hours of trying I finally  conclude   it is a mission impossible  for my humble station. And I better just keep sleeping next time. K1N 1826.3 heard well max 529 or so not strong enough to copy me no clear greyline peak  best time 05UTC 05:30 here some recording k1n_160.mp3 Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift


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