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Propagation gone again Some   days with 160m  decodes by VK2KRR I was Leighs first EU decode with his new Beverage ! A day later WSPR top band was filled with VK decodes by PA0A only 1 decode here with 5W  And  10m  also VK2KRR and other VK's Now the bands seems closed again for DX 80m is jammed by radar / digi  signal  at the 3.5926 28MHz only VK8AW PH57ko  Northern Australia was seen  VK2 and VK6 not seen. The Steppir is temporary   on the ground again. Since the Versatower is used on the Island of Texel I had a problem with it. The reflector did not retract  only after "re-calibrate"   finally the element rolled back in the EHU.. I had to bring it down in the poring rain  last Sunday since the only day I was home. Pity I liked the 17m band  and the signals where better using the 3 ele on 28MHz Other band did not show that much difference. So i have to check check it again.  It did work nice on 10M  dough some time. I am to occupied with QRL  an


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