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Last night 14  decodes of WD2XSH/17  best -14 Seems like every night different  challenges Murphy is around all the time. Antenna current dropped to zero every now and then with some relation to the higher voltage. Basicly 3 things could be wrong: Antenna, cable or Variometer . The last thing would be the worst but this Hagenuk Variometer is very professional build Thick Litze coils  4mm  and all coated with a thick layer  epoxy.  Culprit was old army RG213  PL259 brown isolation type This is a short cable to the outside tuner. I was using it for 160m also. So this 475 TX is a good weak spot tester. And the TX with IRFP4227 can survive even short circuit in the antenna.                                                        Hagenuk Had my best TX result last night  140W DC input More stable and reliable using the IRFP4227  first time decoded by N1BUG  twice the relative antenna current indicator for  the first time was on 100% with the IRF540 it was 50-60 as lon


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