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DAC 23cm

High activity at 23cm  3rd Tuesday evening during the DAC My guess DAC stands for Dutch Activity Contest organised by the VERON But EU wide activity every month 3rd Tuesday evening starting 17:00 After the May IARU contest this was the next good opportunity to test my 1296 GHz station. And it was a success this monthly evening activity contest is very popular. remarkable strong signal from SK7MW real 599 CQ-ing My 23cm setup 120cm dish with  frontend transverter.  On top DK7ZB 642 VHF  below 5e6m +HF                                             attempt to make a night picture  of the digital readout top-light.                            The front end transverter DB6NT  + PA 30-40W ,  preamp eBay SPF5189z                                     PLL DF9NP 1150 MHz  not yet climatized 3 cables down:  28meter   RG58  3x1.5mm 230V    UTP for T/R and measurement      148MHz i.f. to the IC706 classic   meanwhile the plastic box is sprayed with grey/ aluminium paint ag


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