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28MHz propagation bye bye

No VK at all this morning. The solar magnetic storm cleared all. Yesterday morning  ZK2C  7012kHz CW  not easy  Great expedition. It will be difficult to get them on 80m tought I heared some weak CW this morning at 80m 3512  ???  must have been my imagination still hangover from the marathon CW PACC run? During PACC Sunday morning I heard FW0NAR at 40 CW very very weak on the K9AY loop working to EU possible I was to late local 10:30 already to have success.  They could not copy me ( PA switched on) I had to  play lumberjack to improve my firewood stock. Heavy job took all evening. Then saw there had been some aurora. Possible i missed some signals at 70MHz. Got some new tuning C  Arco462 and Philips Teflon types. Tried to improve the performance  of the BLF177 Amp Not really could improve it. But could leave out one tuning C  without drop of performance. The Arco462 in the top middle seems to be redundant.       Now the BLF177 Drain goes over the 5 turns coil ov


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