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Was home late tonight, I thought well to late for the high band evening peak to TX5K   O ne of the 2 fin al ev ening s to catch them. But amazingly I could still hear them very weak at 28033 with a big pile.  At 24903 CW 20hour local good signal. W orked on the 80m vertical. There was a sort of second window at 28MHz about 21 hour local could copy well at times 519 N ormal the best time is about 1 7 18 loca l for 28MHz but Clipperton is a special location. N ot strong enough to make it in the 10m log this time. Th e pile was too big and most other EU south of me including PA 's  reported stronger signals . now worked 8 ban d  10m is left.     GREAT EARS at TX5K       21 14 18MHz very weak signal here late tonight b ut relati v e easy to work almost real-time confirmed  by DXA. P ossible the piles weakened a bi t most Balkan and S-EU hams must already be in the log. for 18.83MHz I used my 80m vertical that one does match on 17m. DXA is the most luxu


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