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The good old CHKDSK saved me

Installing S7 Simatic V55 sp3  from my external HD ended in a crash. Installing Simatic software is a.p.i.t.a.   It takes hours and often ends premature with cryptic  error messages Like:  you have no sufficient rights to access  ... the program you are just installing as administrator!.. Or   invalid drive E: while you are installing from DVD drive F:  ... Since installing from DVD station F:   was terminated with error msg no access drive E:   I thought to be smart and copied the install program to my USB drive 1T ADATA   as drive E: This time the drive E: access error did not appear  The install stopped in a crash anyway I was not surprised  it is a Siematic install.. After that my USB HD was damaged  no access possible Win Explorer freezes when trying to open ADATA CH94 (E:) that was now renamed to E: only the message:  drive E: has to be reformatted to use it.. That would mean complete data loss   350 GB   of  931GB ooops Googeling  I hit on using chkdsk /


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