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80M is the best DX band here

Although the vertical  i use is far from optimal. It is a vertical wire hung down  about 3m in parallel with the main mast.  The top 2m is horizontally sloped away to a tree. I needs slight tuning  with the K3 tuner. I think i can improve it with a side fiber beam  on top to keep it as far as possible from the main mast.  Then it will be a full 1/4 wave vertical again. The best must be a 1/4 wave in the open  field. I do not know how to estimate the performance of this antenna. Comparing  with other WSPR  setups  with small loops only will make it look like a super antenna..   I have good results also in the CW part of 80m.  And bad result in the local PA-beker hence most power must go at low angle ..   2011-03-04 16:22   VK7DIK   3.594043   -26   0   QE28sf   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16731   307   2011-03-04 16:28   VK7DIK   3.594043   -24   0   QE28sf   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16731   307   2011-03-04 18:52   PA0O   3.594145   -23   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731   84   2011


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