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ARRL DX CW weekend

The ARRL is the mother of all Radio contests dating back to 1927 following the early Trans Atlantic tests started  1920 Hiram Percy Maxim, founder of the ARRL, ca. 1914. Hirham was a well equipped radio amateur having a 1kW Tx but the range of radio contacts was only a few 100 miles in those days that is why radio messages had to be relayed over more points. And so he founded the ARRL the American Radio Relay League. If he could see that now in 2014 with just a 100W Tx all of USA VE and the rest of the world could be contacted in just one weekend!!  This year is the 100th anniversary of the ARRL b.t.w! In this 100 years we have seen the invention of Radio my 2014 ARRLDX CW results. The goal is to work all States of USA and Canada with maximal contacts. USA an VE call districts and States on 6 bands  160/80/40/20/15/10m Propagation   very good on 10 and 15 the high band propagation ended early Sunday evening just long enough for the ARRL test After


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