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TI9/3Z9DX Top band

 In the run up for the ARRLCW  this weekend some interesting activity heard at top band . 06:00  At SR heard TI9/3Z9DX  only short in workable strength 1845kHz  working SP Before I could call  they went QSY to 40m phone 7150 LSB  was S5-6 Early Friday morning TI9/3Z9DX too weak also having rattle QRM direction west again TI5/W9RE     much stronger HC2AO  good signal today  easy to contact  weaker then HC2PF but hearing well After topband TI9/3Z9DX   qsy to phone  at 7155 QSX 7170kHz of course lot of D-QRM And OT4A  at 7153 to stubborne to  move  just kept on CQ DX-ing it was "his" frequency   of course  cursed by a lot of om's Very good rig 4 ele  17m boom    up  and down by motor control Only thing Theo is missing is a tuning control on the rig. Just moving few kc down would be the smooth solution in line with code of conduct. Next Call sign Worked Date/Time Band Mode Freq QSL Details PA0O TI9/3Z9DX 2015-02-20 07:42:17 40M SSB 7.18017 Detail


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