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run your radio as WSPR beacon when not in the shack!

Maybe I am not telling you any news but this WSPR  system is a real  genius system. Easy to set up.  It needs a PC  + internet for time synchronization and logging in the WSPR database. If a Transceiver   already is used for data RTTY / PSK    it is practical ready to be a WSPR beacon. It uses the same audio  CAT connections. WSPR is a full automatic multi band beacon TX and RX system that uses very low power and very small frequency resources.  More information at: I have always been active in CW  and other  non   PC  related communication. But this WSPR  is just to good and simple  not to be used when your radio station is idle. 1W power would be enough  in a simple GP f.i.  to run a WSPR beacon that will be reported  over the Globe! I  am  running my station as WSPR beacon  when away QRL  or doing something else. I simply do not understand why a lot of DX-rs  do not make use of this GREAT!  beacon system. I get reports from VK ZL on the low bands


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