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Showing posts from October 26, 2011

TX7M 80 & 40 in the log

TX7M 3527kHz   nice greyline peak this morning first time heard anything  at 80m.
And they have good ears for W-EU too.
0830 local time sometimes vy clear 559
Also 40m CW  could be added  now 10 slots
I could  be QRV at the best SR-SS time  between 8-9 local time in the morning. Thats normal the time you will be @ QRL ...
But I had worked  some overtime last evening..
The best time for the high bands is in our evening time 12 hours later.  QTF is about  W  N-W  
The super 10m propagation  is  reset after the aurora we had 2 days ago.

Last evening 160m  C50C very strong just 1 call at the right freq.
TL0CW on 80m heard good big pile no QSO.
Heard  weak  1817kHz just under a strong fishing beacon.

High bands party is a bit over after the aurora  no more USA heard
but VK1,2,3,4,5,6 still decoded in WSPR @ 28MHz in the morning