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OZ7IGY New generation of radio beacons

yesterday  checked OZ7IGY  at 70.021   Almost 100% copy of this 4M beacon  in my QTH. The frequency is now locked to GPS.  Thus the frequency accuracy is better than 5 mHz. and there is a JT65C2   ID  together with the CW ID Interesting to read about the argumentation for choosing JT65C2. I would personal like moving this beacon into the  WSPR window at 70.925MHz  but I agree with argumentation for choosing JT65C2.  It decodes quick. I tune DIAL USB 70.020 1kHz below to have good decode. also worked OH8MGK KP23pq  in meteor scatter  many reflections Still no internet connection  our former State telephone company is  degenerated to  an EEC  controlled bureaucratic organisation it's goal is to frustrate it's customers maximal. It is just a matter of simply re-plug my line back to adsl  in the central switch box. But  they say OPTA rules make it impossible to just do the simple action. I had many  telephone calls with friendly peop


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