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total Q 273    including 20 and 15 some  40 80 1 W on 160m 28MHz  super propagation   KL7 KH7 via longpath, AH0 ZL VK etc etc WAZ  28MHz    completed  Sunday afternoon with zone 2 VE2IM KL7RA zone1  giant pileup hard to break,   good signal 59 over the pole.  Some other KL7 heard  and  again KH7 long path S9  QTF 160 Could complete  zone  1 2 19 40  39  5R8A  38 V51A  Sunday   WAZ 21Mhz and 14MHz  could also been possible in this weekend but 28MHz kept me busy enough already. Some 80m W big guns could be worked with Lowpower Sunday evening late.  W3LPL KC1XX W2PV  zone 5 was the only worked on 6 bands. My setup  K3 ACOM1000 3ele Steppir seems to be marginal in the CQWWSSB  world where every extra  kW does help. Calling CQ did not rase pileups. The bands overloaded  with contesters  gave an extreme qrm level. Some S9 copied stations just kept on calling cq as if I was using the wrong sideband?? I was not build for Phone.

Topband YC0LOW/1 TL0CW new

YC0LOW/1  Jo good signal from his /1 location  preparing CQWW Test this whole weekend... very promising Had high QRN level as always  but  he gave 599! TL0CW  2nd QSO   I had him on 80/160 but uncertain due to tuning and QSB  this afternoon & evening WSPR 28 screen filled with W including W6 and 7 's !  This morning as usual VK1-6 .. Propagation seems to be recovered. Yesterday heard South Cook on 28  but too weak and simplex. My old IC2E 2m FM porto did stop working after 30 years. I bought that one in 1980....  No receive no tx just noise seems PLL part. This is an analoge technic design very low standby power just few miliamps... it had 2W  

TX7M 80 & 40 in the log

TX7M 3527kHz   nice greyline peak this morning first time heard anything  at 80m. And they have good ears for W-EU too. 0830 local time sometimes vy clear 559 Also 40m CW  could be added  now 10 slots I could  be QRV at the best SR-SS time  between 8-9 local time in the morning. Thats normal the time you will be @ QRL ... But I had worked  some overtime last evening.. The best time for the high bands is in our evening time 12 hours later.  QTF is about  W  N-W   The super 10m propagation  is  reset after the aurora we had 2 days ago. Last evening 160m  C50C very strong just 1 call at the right freq. TL0CW on 80m heard good big pile no QSO. Heard  weak  1817kHz just under a strong fishing beacon. High bands party is a bit over after the aurora  no more USA heard but VK1,2,3,4,5,6 still decoded in WSPR @ 28MHz in the morning

Propagation is too good!

Getting used to good propagation is a quicker process then getting used to poor bands.. Again this morning/day 28MHz is complete filled with stations from 28.0 to 29.7  and even higher it is buzzing. Only was listening 29.650 FM.  USA and JY4NE TA etc etc The Steppir is doing fine but SWR is high at 29MHz and I could not tune it yet. Tried long with TX7M on 40m but they could not hear EU  working JA and W's  559 signal good copy long time. TX7M  now worked on 10/12/15/17/20/30 TX3T    4 slots 3XY1D   160m open T32C  17 slots  not hrd on 80/160 Used DELL LATITUDE D420  notepad where offered 135€ at the "Dag van de radioamateur" radio market Saturday.  Could not resist to purchase one. A low power/weight PC for WSPR intalled W7-pro. I fact I like the screen 1280X800  is better readable then the 1980x1080 ... WSPR 2.21 works okay using the internal sounddevice. After adusting the line in  what is more complex in W7 compared to XP. The ICOM IC706    tuned 8

3XY1Deaf on 80m

kost je wat kWh  om bij deze expeditie in het log te komen Full power and patience... a lot patience But it is a good test if you can make it to them you can make it everywhere... They suffer from high QRN in Guinea Finaly they copied my slow CW They use up-speed  CW   30-35 wpm   but at a very low QSO rate 1/minute ?  this speed does not match the band conditions. Some extra power installed .. Could not make it with TX7M on 20m strong but uplink  20-30kHz  is not my style.  This way they terrorize   the whole CW part! This  is not good for the ham spirit.

1W to ZL2FT 28MHz

 2011-10-20 07:42   PA0O   28.126098   -18   0   JO33hg   1   ZL2FT   RF70mb   18293   35 A super day again at 28MHz There was no real clean freq left on 28   Rusian taxis The typical rolling tjirps  many Japanese etc etc Tried to work 3XY1D  at 17m they had a good signal but seemed deaf  Tonight  heard them again now at 12M cw  but still "deaf" Strong on 30m CW but many calls  no response. Fast CW but low QSO rate  they must have a giant pile? But if so why give the callsigns after every QSO then? Beats me.    This seems an unworkable dxpedition for me. T32C  does hear much much better.  added some slots again. TX3T was not heard  anymore. They have moved to Marquesas isl.  now TX7M   log search of TX3T is removed too I had 4QSO  Tonight weak in CW at 17m but they picked me up! Must confess  I was not running low power. 160m again a new DXCC   FR/DJ7RJ very pleased with this one  in the  African zone where receive conditions are very difficult it

XE1KK 29290 S9+

Need I say more   ?   Mexico in FM on 10m XE1KK FM 29.290MHz JH1SCD 28MHz FM recording Today I felt a bit like a Greek ham... No QRL and 28MHz filled with DX ;-)) I had fixed the "ARC" problem in  my 160 inv. L-vertical by using a spreader wire along the rotary dipole. To separate the vertical wire from the metal parts. Since the wire carries very high RF voltage at the top. The Insulation was browned out at some parts. Also with low power there was a short-circuit.  I could not TX in windy conditions. When testing the antenna and trying to hear anything from T32C on 80/160  found that  160m was not as bad as I and others thought.. I was heard well in JA heard a few JA's and could easy work HL5IVL @ 1821.5   and  later heard KH2/N2NL  again at 1826.5  weaker then the days before but now I could contact for a new one thanks Dave! I have extended the inverted L with 3m wire tuning it below the band and now using the tuner to match it.  I hope that the max cur

WOOW WOOW cycle 24 came alive..

28MHz sounding like 20meters all day. KH6MB    TX3T Tahiti (4 band slots)     T32C  Kiritimati  Chrismas Island (12 band slots)   VK ZL many JA's  strong   USA West coast I was back home evening in time to catch TX3T and  T32C cw and phone at 28MHz and 21Mhz  Busy times with 2 DX-peditions  and super propagation. Not yet heard H40KJ  A35CT Tonga  RTTY 21MHz  right over the north.  Everything seemed to be possible today. But tonite 28 closed earlier then the passed days. Does this mean that the extreme 28MHz propagation is over fttb?  Low bands are rather poor  no sign of T32C or TX3T so far. T32C is only reported in the USA and Pacific.  but KH2/N2NL  heard last 2 days at greyline around 20UTC  1826.5kHz I have a shortcut in the vertical could not TX.  The vertical wire isolation is worn and the wire is touching the metal mast/ antenna  in the wind. 

East Kiribati T32C 40m Sundaymorning

T32C   very nice website    And what a giant set up  A good copy 539 /559 over the north pole. jammed crazy but the jammer let a short break.. Lot of QRI almost  impossible to get a clear copy. This recording was the better copy after QSO. T32 C 7.002 16-10-2011 7:12 Qso real sick ex-ham? Later in evening  could fill in 12 and 15m   I did not hear them at 80 -160  this weekend . They report only 1 160 QSO  with PA  With  Kees PE5T  a real top performance!  So it can be done I have to be there around 05 UTC  in the morning and hoping for a good  greyline and not to bad QRI.. 10m RTTY  JARTS was very good although I think the Saturday was even better. Loads of JA's  not much else   1 VK3 worked  VK6 heard  with good signal no VK spots seen. I expected some more since WSPR  showed many VK  including decodes by VK7AB  and VK2FLR  just after sunrise.


After return from Konya Istanbul back home. WSPR was still running  10 80 160  band hopping shown that the low bands  160 80 are in a deep recession last week(s).  Almost no DX was reported. Most days/ night the max DX was  2000km on 80m  exception was VK6ZT 80m  and A45SWL on 160  K1JT and some east coast copies on the K9AY ( in the not optimal direction)   2011-10-14 22:10   PA0O   3.594163   -26   0   JO33hg   5   VK6ZT   OF78sq   13966   96 Propagation swapped to the high bands.  28MHz is wide open. Late night to W6 7 0 . Unseen propagation for long long years.  Managed to get in the log of T32C  17 and 20m in the late evening  Friday signals weak QTF  almost over the north-pole. Saturday lots of JA 28 RTTY  in the JARTS contest.  Had a short run but not much time for radio after being off home 1 1/2 week. Found out to late I used the dipole while I was turning the beam... did not help much..  I was a bit out of the routine.. Saturday 100 Q in the JARTS  had to do oth


Goodbye 3D2R  T32C YJ0VK    have fun and work all of Italy ! I was expecting to get them in the log easier using the STEPPIR and PA if "needed"  but even when the signals where a good copy  they did not respond. Propagation was not favourable in North-West EU. Signals sounded AURORAL.  They seem to have difficulties to copy us (me) between all the South and east EU's  but of course we have to go right over the north pole while Italians f.i. seem to have a path more south ?? Anyway I reconnected  my 160/80m antenna to the WSPR ANT-switchbox  to be QRV again in WSPR 10m 80m and 160m leaving for TA-land tomorrow. Dat viel niet mee  3D2R op 30M kunnen werken. Op 80 en 160 zou het nog nieuw zijn maar geen signalen gehoord  ik heb  80m phone maar niet geprobeerd  chaos en veel QRI  vooral op 80m daar is de storing al of niet opzettelijk maximaal. YJ0VK  goed signaal in Phone 14.184  Maar helaas by numbers...arrrgg. &%$#! trouwens vorig jaar al gewerkt in CW. Hij w


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