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QRV 23cm/ 1296 MHz again after 30 years....

"mast head" placed close behind 1m2 dish in plastic box (ACTION 1€50)  XVTR  1.5W , PLL 1150 DF9NP ,   PA PE1CMO  30-40W rF ( hoping) pre-amp  SPF5189z eBay  lowered to 2V7 still draws 160mA ! I replaced the original SPF5189z because it almost looked like short circuit  at 5V an UA78L05 could not supply it! needed a UA7805 200mA+  PCB heath up  need a better quality SMA - N  adapter   first QSO with  local PA0T very loud 9++  After 30 years  back on 23                                              yesterday evening in nice temperature and no wind finally.  A good time to place the disc + XVTR up The modified DB6NT with PLL 1050MHz l.o. that was prepared last year up in the mast for the real test. In JO33HG  could copy  4 beacons reasonable almost 100% 419  to 539   QSB flutter Airplane reflections 1296.930   OZ7IGY  JO55wm   to 529 1296.920   DB0VC   JO54if       519 1296.9162 PI7ALK   JO22ip      529 1296.830   GB3MHZ   JO02pb   529      


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