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The Braun SE400 all mode 144MHz classic rig .

After many years resting on a shelf brought back to life. In 1975 this was a very expensive  German hand made 2m all mode rig in GrĂ¼ndig style.  My IC706  is temporary out of operation to investigate a "bad" modulation problem. So why not using the good old SE400. Inspired by an article of PA0FRI. Once considered as the best 2m rig on the marked, made with the best ,expensive.. electronic parts , an oldtimer but high receiving sensitive without birdies and digital noise, a pleasure to listen on a radio where the little noise you hear is actually "from the antenna" The VFO is 4-6 MHz an unique system build around a color television delay line  a with phase wheel tuning 1kHz resolution of the 4-6 MHz freq counter display . Missing CAT connection  This type of VFO should not have a very low side-band noise so this rig wil not rank high in the Sherwood RX listing. I did not notice problems yet. Testing local gave a relative small signal at high level. We have to wait w


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