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Power-SDR Flex1500 WSJT-X - v2.8.0.57 2x

Now since using VbCable for the virtual audio connections
P-SDR + WSJT v1.8 is working stable on the older X60 PC
reducing CPU load using the information excellent  
Keeping the P-SDR screen as small as possible reduced the CPU load to acceptable 60%

P-SDR  and running 2 instances of WSJT-X  need a faster PC
A "slow" PC  drops decodes when  Power SDR is running together with
a second instance of WSJT-X
CPU load is 80-100%  on Lenovo X60  2400T  1.83GHz
On a faster Thinkpad W510 W7 i7 1.83G 4 /8 core CPU load 20%
Using  VBCable VB-Audio VAC  and VspMgr
Installing was quick but P-SDR -FLex1500 would not receive, the PAN window was empty.
The Flex1500 was connected over USB-3  - CAT  worked okay.
Switching to USB-2  finally P-SDR started to work  and WSJT-X was decoding FT8 and WSPR

But the  PowerSDR screen is cut off  and  fields and controls are overlapping.
The  screen resolution dot/inch  setting 125% is fine for the PAN screen and my programs.
If I…