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ISS MMSSTV picture

 Strong passage of ISS   Receiving results at 472.4 kHz are very poor this year no USA decodes seen so guess the receiving antenne has a problem.  The 40m rotating dipole "lineair loading" 14m shorted works reasonable. Tuned in band the top wire capacitieve loads are very critical in length. 10cm / 100kHz .  I now use special very flexible  wire and a small nut  end weight to keep the wires 120cm  lenght stretched.   Last night at 7.093  the NL Nasiballen round  VE1CHW  slightly better copy on the dipole about 1 s-unit in favor of the dipole at 22m a.g.  against the GP with base at 1m above ground. The GP is a much easier antenne to set up.  


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