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ARRL10 2012 or what can you work in a dead band

Last 3 years of the ARRL10 M ARRL10M   2012         Band    QSOs    Pts  Mul           28      81     324   39        Total      81     324   39   ARRL10 2011         Band    QSOs    Pts  Mul           28     916    3664  164        Total     916    3664  164 ARRL10 201 0         Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Mul           28  CW      35     140   19        Total  Both    35     140   19 btw  CW only No high expectations for the ARRL10M.  WSPR reports became worse and worse  the week before.  Ironicall y , Monday evening WSPR showed K1JT and other State side  decodes again . QSO number 1  ZL1BYZ   was promising but propagation  poor No Rusians very quiet band only one VK 4WIL very thin workable. I was mainly S&P for the good ies.   JA5FBZ long time good signal over L P  the only JA . Something st range about these LP openings to JA   only few JA 's heard but good signals. Short path was closed complete here. One would expect a lot more signals from JA and


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