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4 August 6m was this the biggest "es" opening 2018?

weeks of tropical temperatures   30C+ and today again very sunny it cooled down a bit yesterday Strange thing is in the evening no extra tropo propagations like we had over a month ago not copied LA8VHF  144.480  or LA1UHG 1296.860 last month when i check all VHF UHF beacons are normal and no tropo dx was reported in N-W EU  6m keeps on going especially 50.313 is buzzing    in good old  CW  only 4 DX QSO   against 100+ in FT8 HK3W  ODX last night    2nd night in a row that 6m was wide open My antenna   7 ele 9m boom 21m a.g. and location is not bad  low noise  except to north were Solar Edge ads  10 15 dB noise   clearly there are  HAM's with stacked antenna's  at better location with no neighbors. Early evening saw DL and SP massif calling W KP4 HI  and G to HK3W here nowhere land , I grumbled a bit about that on KST and .. voila sudden the W  KP4 HI popped up .  Grumbling always triggered DX ..


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