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28Mhz  no Stateside heard in my QTH JO33hg this weekend  previous PACC weekend had good W/VE signals at 10m ...  No Mexican multi's  in this contest  that is only in the ARRL 10m contest but in the next future we will not see XE at 10m afraid.. Would not be of much  help only heard 1 XE2E 80m ( i think it was)   but with a real huge signal  599 cq'n never heard such strong XE at 80 not heard or seen on any band :   SD  South Dakota  ID Idaho   UT Utah  WY Wyoming Guess they must have been worked by EU big guns in the piles. The Beverage gave crystal clear W/VE signals at 40 80 Sunday evening in a good run at 20m sudden the logger PC was frozen Tx RTS line in high state  fortunately DTR = CW key  was low.. No keyboard  and mouse control  so need to force a hard reset with power key press. No data was lost pff. But gone was the smal pile.  60m ZS unique list decodes off  many ZS last week ,nieuw ZS1OA Kaapstad Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift


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