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A92HK  70.154MHZ  cq +3  strong  FT8  ....but i can't work DX on 4m ??? With 100W 5ele  i was not heard dejavue, looks like 1k + is needed Or move to DL where 15W erp is good enough to be the first one in the pile's.. 2 years ago also A92GE i believe it was heard CQ good signal also no response So 1x in 2 years can hear A92 at 4m once with a good signal just to tease me then the signal fades out never to be heard again. The only DX possible > 4000km   with Kazakhstan hams but they also have receiving problems.. I am o longer expecting to work DX  here Since 29 may  an old 9ele Tonna  2m in top   23m above soil should be enough to have Es contacts elevated 5dgr The antenna work was just finished when a huge ES opening  happened 7X2RO 7X2HF(hrd only)   9H1TX IT9    EA7 5 6  Italy  they where even workable in my location of course i had to be  patient until no other callers to have a chance. Much louder south of me as usual  Very rare late night or early morning


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