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PACC 2022

  PAC CW 100W again  Propagation very good this year even 28MHz  open last weeks to VK3 VK7 VU HS The PACC has a group loyal CW friends present every year  Russian hams manage to work 700+ ! It is a relative small 24 hour contest We have to share "our"  weekend   with de big RTTY DX. Band wide open but running empty CQ too much ..  My Soapbox : Many thanks to the PACC friends to make it special again. 10 15 good open, very promising RBN spots Sunday sunrise 160 exceptional good N-A RBN spots strong signals from the few PACC friends fb! ,a lot more QSO's should have been possible 15 and 10 many spots by RBN: VK4CT E28AC PJ2A 3B8CW  bands  real open. No reply from these areas except 15m VK4FOMP odd call sign weak but QRP! In the night I took a long QRX only RBN spots showed 40m was still wide open Overall it felt like a waste of good propation. I missed my rotary 40m dipole.that could have gave me some more contacts. CU all again, sorry at times struggling with a new soft k


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