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La douce France

                                                           Gorges du Verdon                                                        near Frejus  rocky coast Retuned after a short but fine vacation with in France  Lorgues  Provence. Enjoying the high summer weather  30-37C We recently have a low cost  flight connection from Groningen/Eelde JO33 to JN23 Marseille Door to door trip 18:30 leaving after diner  and at the bar having a beer in Marseille at 23:00 We can skip the 3 hours trip to Schiphol  Airport. I had to switch off  WSPR  since heavy Thunderstorms where expected. Now this morning 28 MHz seems not too bad in WSPR many decodes VK<>EU     dx-index 100% of 100 decodes  >10000km      Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2012-08-06 06:12   PA0O   28.126088   -25   0   JO33hg   5   VK7BO   QE38mo   16805   82   2012-08-06 06:16   PA0O   28.126088   -24   0   JO33hg   5   VK7BO   QE38mo   16805   82   2012-08-06 06:16   PA0O   28


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