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10.368.910 GHz beacon active

6 August evening i setup a small Kuhne 10G beacon at 10368.9  200mW  integrated with horn antenna in a plastic box ( a lender from  Rob PE1ITR ) The horn antenna just looking over the dish in the rotating part of the antenna  about 23m a.g. JO33hg31 It will turn but i can direct it on demand that is the advantage. Tropo openings expected in the evenings during the heatwave we have now.  First report came from PA0JUS 599 42km   and G3XDY 390km  also seen at web SDR PI2EHV Eindhoven JO21QK  dx 221km  Tropo ducting was very strong that first evening. At 23cm strong beacons  GB3NO 9+ GB3MHZ  LA1UHG S9 LB2SHF 9+  LA3SHF OZ beacons SK6MHI UHI beacons 1296.800 and 805  and strong radar ON0VHF PE9GHZ  also tropo backscatter observed Also a new 23cm beacon   PA1SDR  1296.550 FT8 mode from JO33kh  maybe beter freq woud be  1296.174 in the FT8 window My 23cm XVTR  with VHFdesign SKY67151 lna still performs nice  but after 3 years the DF9NP l.o. at 1152MHz   the TCXO    10MHz Taitien is slowly dri


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