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The general problem with Dx-peditions  like 3D2C  There is only 1 dx mostly weak  but there are many idiots around just waiting for such event.  Like tonight at 40m  no clear frequency longer then a few seconds before the next  QRI starts 3d2c 40m zoo A very weak signal  that can easily be jammed  from somewhere in EU? were those  lids hide. And always around prime time  sunset the xyl has plans to go somewhere. Since I already spent so much time in the shack this is not  unreasonable but the end effect is  I wasted my radio time. Like this weekend spend quite a lot time in the CQWWRTTY 305 QSO  mostly S&P  10meters Best propagation was on Saturday 10m was real good. Sunday was not as good bands ended early in Major storm conditions all signals sounded auroral. Some difficult QSO's I had using  K3 100W  "low power"   and  dipole  should have been with the Steppir  of course. The log filled with DX mostly 10m   lot of JA.   Some pileups where too tough

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