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SGC-230 TUNER damage

Inside watertight box of the SGC-230 near the power terminals exploded fuse and some damage is visible besides that no damage to the PCB    This SGC-230 tuner is damaged after applying 230AC at the 14VDC connection .wasn't  me !   First investigation showed CPU and most IC's damaged   at least those connected to the 14VDC power    A simple 50cent  suppressor diode could have prevented this to happen,  but no protection was cheaper.. The 5V regulator and the 3 relay driver IC's destroyed ad others  by the high voltage flash . the relays are tested okay not that many chips involved but the most essential CPU is hard to get. The SGC factory seems no longer to exist. Looks like a total loss ...only  chance to save her With a  programmed CPU or  the V1.03 firmware ?  possible an ex employee of SGC.The firmware resites in a PC somewhere ? The  CPU is  MC68HC711E9    I think she is still offered on Ebay  I hope to replace the controller with an Arduino and K3NG based software The


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