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ARRL10M contest PA6K JO33ii

operators PA2AWU Arend    PA0O me  PE1BBI Gerard   PC5T Frans rig: 2x 4ele 10m h.b. Arend K3   + K3 backup Acom1000 N1MM+      Lenovo X60 "TEXEL" island location had to be cancelled due to stormy weather. We made it ourself easy and stayed closer to home in a more sheltered place. Stormy wind calmed down Friday afternoon so we could setup the antennas easy. Propagation was still good on 28MHz worldwide except the Pacific and Alaska. This could be the last good propagation ARRL10M for a long time this solar cycle? Band closed sudden at about 1700 local Saturday. Sunday was better 1 hour more propagation until about 1800 local   better USA opening including West coast NW-USA KL7 was the difficult path. site PA0V Nanko


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