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This weekend   SO2C Single operator 2 contest mode We  had our 1/2 day o f spring Sunday, it is back to storm and grey sky now. JIDXCW    best JA signals at  28MHz  good propagation  no contacts 80 160  5x the score against 2012  Hi power n ot real "needed" but  already used my PA for some weak signals at the beginning no t expecting that good signals I was trapped in hi- power mode.       GAGARIN CUP 5W0M very weak 14.002kHz  arctic flutter just could copy Q5 the id. But only 1 call needed  not many takers fb hearing there. The path to Western Samoa is direct over the North pole. Very difficult path in this part of Europe. Until now  heard/ worked   5W0M  only on 30m with reasonable signal.  N ever a trace of signal wh ile they are worked at 28 in the south.   We have been in propagation black hole since December 2012 here While South Europe is having a ball on 50MHz  we are in the perma noise fields. Or what the Germans say:  ND


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