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28MHz a real good day

It cycles up and down  the 28MHz props last week(s)  v ery poor. C omplete absent propagation in last Oceania CW week end . B ut some USA decodes showed up these last days. Always a good sign for 28 MHz.   Today we got the maximum DX possible  PA <-> ZL Only thing that could make it an even better day is longpath to VK later tonight. I have learned that EA CT I   not only have bett er and longer propagation but also the DX is better >19000 km   ZL<> CT   EA8 to W6  is a greater distance then from here to W6   I would not have known this but WSPR   showe d this.  2012-10-17 18:28   EA8FF   28.126101   -4   0   IL18pc   2   KO6SY   DM13   9191   304   2012-10-17 18:58   N6RY   28.126066   -20   1   DM13id   5   PA0O   JO33hg   8991   30    We can never beat south EU  in dx-ing on the high bands that's a fact.         Pacific ,  VP8 , Caribbean area  is complete absent in WSPR  P ossible no one there is interested in DX or propagation


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