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4W/G3ZEM 10m DX DX

4W/G3ZEM Timor-Leste 20141009 1310  28012,1 CW         599  4W/G3ZEM        599                   New on 10m good signal  and good operator heavy pile not all time new in 21 and 24 January 2012 4W0VB was contacted on 30 20 and 17m last night 10m USA closed early but heard FO4BM  again but wkd Philipe before in March 27 this year After 4 days WSPR screen full decodes of VK1 2 3 7 and ZL it is over for us here at our latitude JO33HG  53dgrs North it shifted  south of us again   28MHz today  "just"  VK7AB   the propagation  dropped after earth magnetic  disturbance. |T30D on 14028 CW  worked 8Q7SN  on 28030 worked


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