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Stability of XP USB prolific WSPR N1MM

3 months   Since the end of last year until now  i have a Dell Optiplex GX620  P4 running   with Windows XP -32 (X86)  WSPR is running  24x7   i have had no hangers   no reboots needed. I am using the Prolific chip USB-serial  adapter.   This Prolific is suspected to have errors when using it with N1MM But it never gave an error with WSPR. One time i had an error with N1MM  during the PACC contest. The frequency displayed at the logger was out of control. That was corrected by reset interface  it did not occur again. This same error appeared very often when using W7-64 pro  and  N1MM+ prolific (or any other??)  USB-serial. My conclusion  is  100% stable for WSPR and almost 100% with N1MM The same time I purchased an other  W-LAN router The Eminent Gigalink 300N  to get rid of the Linksys router that is giving RFI on shortwave. I am using the WRT54G V5 with an outdoor antenna. I could not replace the Linksys WRT54G V5    because the 300N standard uses 3 antennas in a spe


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