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VP6T Bounty or Pitcairn Island fb signaal 80m cw

This morning excellent signal from Pitcairn VP6T    3503kHz  CW  nice one recording 3503KHz  around  08:00 UTC  thats broad daylight 09 localtime! also worked on 30m few days back. And the first time worked HK0NA  7024.5kHz  CW   heard on 30m too but they could not hear. De 3 band mini antenne (DK7ZB)   werkt! In de mast gezet gisteravond in het donker en met voor de verandering wat regen...  Moet nog een isolator afstands houder maken voor de 160 verticaal  die nu door de antenne omlaag loopt.  de draad kan gewoon meedraaien maar mag geen contact maken ivm overslag op 1.8MHz. op 4m heb ik GB3BAA in/uit en GB3BUX   dat is ca 500km gehoord   2M en 6m werken ook en SWR is ok   op 6m iets hoger in de band dan zou moeten volgens DK7ZB site.  Maar zeker goede aanpassing.  Hoe goed hij werkt dat moet nog blijken de komende tijd. Maar ik beschouw het nu als een geslaagd project. 1e QSO 70.150MHz met

again a night operation

Finally after 48hour continuous heavy rain and wind  that ended midnight Sunday/Monday  we had a relative  nice day with some periods that it did not rain ..  But had to wait to dark before I had time to put the  mini 3-band VHF antenna in my mast  that was a quick job. Cable was already available in the mast so now at 22m a.g. with good cable I was very curious how this small antenna would perform. First tests receiving showed some good FM signals at 70.425MHz  of locals. Then 2m , the SWR was low!  receiving a dutch beacon quite good much stronger then on my vertical. 2m seemed alright too Then 6m  low SWR but a bit tuned high  SWR went up in the DX part a bit but  reasonable 1:1.5 That should be easy to correct with some extension of the radiator Heard LX0SIX but deep in the noise. Then tried to receive one of the G- beacons   I heard weak GB3BAA at 70.016 at some peak could trim my old 50MHz now on 70MHz BF900 preamp on that one  a real signal. So conclusion project is a


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