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144MHz 4X/OM2IB KM72JC !! TA1BM KN40 2-way    screenshot gets  blurred when placed here 3254km !! my best DX ever heard at 144MHz but the opening was to short to complete the reports  a once in a livetime experience ... today all band quiet again. First there was also very special TA1BM in Istanbul km40lx 2154km  the 2nd TA at 144MHz The first ever worked TA at 144MHz  here was in 2017  USB   TA1D/3  calling cq  Kadri from KM39BP  West Turkye coast al long ES opening  Jan 4X/OM2IB was running 150W  like me  and e 2.2 wave long yagi  here i have the 12ele M2  about 2wl  also  nothing special no EME power... with the vintage BRAUN SE400  144 ES 20210525 0807 144174.6 FT8  PA0O         -05  LZ5GM           +00      KN32               20210525 0821 144174.6 FT8  PA0O         -09  TA1BM            -17      KN40            20210525 1025 144174.6 FT8  PA0O         -20  4X/OM2IB       -16      KM72JC niet compleet  20210525 1037 144174.6 FT8  PA0O         -14  E7


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