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First night: Friday evening the gusty wind  finally calmed down a bit and I managed to tilt the mast up. The wind was turned to N-E . Some hail and wet snow showers  made it a cold job. Also the K9AY was re-erected. No damage  only the rotator turned very slow now for unknown reason no things visible jamming it. The multi band wire dipole 40/30/12 became spaghetti.  No way to unravel  in the dark. Wire antenna's will struck to anything that touches it. But I was ready for ARRL160 I entered L.P. single  3.1. Single Operator (use of spotting networks is NOT PERMITTED): 3.1.1. QRP (5 watts or less) 3.1.2. Low Power (150 watts or less) 3.1.3. High Power (1500 watts or less or your country's maximum power limit It cost me a few dB the K3 KPA3 output sometimes drops to 80W my old tube FT102 could get 150W out.  The KPA3 should be able to give 120W out. And  not using spots / dx cluster  I like to see what's going on. It does not really help the cluster spots  s


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