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All Northern Q-range beacons heard well last night  Well almost all Arctic /B   not  heard VE8SIX FQ  that was heard long time ago  QRT? only once heard VE4ARM EN09 via AuroralE  long time back  50045.9  JW5SIX KQ26       529 50047.3   JW7SIX JQ58tb     559 50079    JX7SIX    IQ50RX   579   OH9SIX KP36 SM2 SM3 OH heard with Auroral T 50084 LA7QIA  KQ40   529 559  later to 579   only QSO that night 50106 OX3XR GP  weak 50100 VY0HL FP  hrd weak only about 10 seconds Q5  too weak to work could I only get an antenna that gives 6-10dB more than the 2ele(7ele) I am using now.. I have not been able to build a bigger antenna that is really outperforming my tiny 3 bander.  Last year I had the 7 ele LFA up  and was surprised  that the Steppir with 4  6m element showed about the same signal level on earth path beacons like LX0SIX with over 50


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