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ZF1AM 1854KhZ

LSB ZF2AM heard very weak here early morning  Also PW0F was on topband  but not heard better in south / east EU  but precisely  1854kHz  is covered by some new s.m.Power? QRM I have direction west to direction the village at 1.2 km The directivity of the Beverage is clearly seen on that QRM  it is almost gone when switched to East. The QRM frequency is slightly moving around. It is about 5kHz wide only Not able to find out yet where this new one is coming from. Germanium diodes received from Mini in the box 1N34  and  1N60 type  150 pieces 4$ only received  Tested  at 431MHz  with my EME UHF directional coupler the BNC ports have calibrated attenuation I had 2 diode detectors one of them is broken. Tried to repair by inserting an pin contact diode into the BNC but overheated the diode is not easy to mount into a BNC connector.  The diode still works but derated it gives 20% less detected Voltage. That diode is unknown junkbox  type Ge -pin  showing "0" Pf  and

ARRLDX good timing

The ARRLDX had a very good timing Today tuesday 28MHz is complete different no USA decodes for the first time in months. no VK7 VK123    West Australia  VK6 was maximum DX "only" last 24 hours  WSPR unique decodes  sorted on distance 2015-02-24 11:58   PA0O   28.126104   -24   -1   JO33hg   1   VK6DF   OG89jg   13172   87   2015-02-24 09:46   VK6DF   28.126035   -10   0   OG89jg   10   PA0O   JO33hg   13172   320   2015-02-23 21:48   HS0ZKM   3.594180   -23   0   OK03gr   5   PA0O   JO33hg   9045   323   2015-02-24 15:32   V53ARC   28.126189   -22   -3   JG87   1   PA0O   JO33hg   8486   354   2015-02-23 23:08   PA0O   3.594060   -24   0   JO33hg   1   WA4AMG   EL97uf   7418   285   2015-02-24 04:26   WA4AMG   3.594095   -23   0   EL97uf   5   PA0O   JO33hg   7418   41   2015-02-24 03:34   K9AN   3.594170   -22   0   EN50wc   2   PA0O   JO33hg   6829   43   2015-02-24 03:38   K3GAU   3.594085   -24   0   EM89cv   5   PA0O   JO33hg   6593   44   2015-02-24 03:


In Category  Low power    mostly Search and P propagation high bands very good on Sunday How much longer can we enjoy this super 28MHz propagation ? Even here in north-west were 28MHz signals are normally weaker at Sunday BC WA MT OR came in well propagation was even better then in 2014 December ARRL10 Only missing State:   North Dakota , South Dakota, Nebraska last year N and S Dakota worked within 1 minute .. my goal:   6 banders    as many as possible 160m was the difficult band  17 QSO possible Trying the ARRL CW this early  morning at 160 I could not use N1MM plus  the USA call all greyed out and  logging had to be forced as invalid contact must be simple  a setting  or country list still at PACC  but I could not fix this yet But still N1MM score is 0 with 940 invalid contacts after loading wl_cty ack to N1MM clasic already sunrise I was late. Few 160 W/V signals heard  W3LPL did not hear me Saturday morning bad sign for top band. 4 QSO only   (low pow

TI9/3Z9DX Top band

 In the run up for the ARRLCW  this weekend some interesting activity heard at top band . 06:00  At SR heard TI9/3Z9DX  only short in workable strength 1845kHz  working SP Before I could call  they went QSY to 40m phone 7150 LSB  was S5-6 Early Friday morning TI9/3Z9DX too weak also having rattle QRM direction west again TI5/W9RE     much stronger HC2AO  good signal today  easy to contact  weaker then HC2PF but hearing well After topband TI9/3Z9DX   qsy to phone  at 7155 QSX 7170kHz of course lot of D-QRM And OT4A  at 7153 to stubborne to  move  just kept on CQ DX-ing it was "his" frequency   of course  cursed by a lot of om's Very good rig 4 ele  17m boom    up  and down by motor control Only thing Theo is missing is a tuning control on the rig. Just moving few kc down would be the smooth solution in line with code of conduct. Next Call sign Worked Date/Time Band Mode Freq QSL Details PA0O TI9/3Z9DX 2015-02-20 07:42:17 40M SSB 7.18017 Detail

Arduino NANO controller belevenissen

De Arduino NANO met LCD voor een SWR/POWER meter  in test opstelling. De software van ON7EQ  geladen en werkend, maar voor het zover was moest ik aardig aan de bak.  Ik had van Arduino eerst al de iets grotere UNO met Keyboard LCD shield Daarop heb ik de SWR/Power meter software van Jean-Jacques ON7EQ geinstalleerd Heel mooi spul Arduino echter aansluiten op de PC via USB kan nogal moeizaam gaan. Arduno heeft FTDI techniek en ook drivers daar heb ik goede ervaring mee, waarom het met Arduino zo moeizaam gaat is een raadsel. PenP installeert een standaard Usb-serial driver  CH340 op mijn PC voor de UNO werkt die niet het moet in de HW list zijn:  aduino UNO(comX)  De door Windows gekozen driver moet handmatig worden ge -update volgens deze procedure  met USB aangesloten UNO: Winkey+break  apparaatbeheer onder poorten zoeken naar de usb serialport die de UNO heeft toegevoegd  rmk  stuurprogramma bijwerken  >    op mijn computer zoeken > ik wil kiezen u

160m dx

good propagation this morning  05 UTC   testing the E-W Beverage HC2PF      579 op Beverage HC2OA     549 P40L          589  op Bev    backside 559            599 op TX ant    easy 100W Beverage E-W  so it works   switching gave 2-3 S units difference  direction 270dgs 450m  ex army telephone wire un-twined 2 separate wires 3 steel 4 copper wires   20 Ohms / 450m   it has to follow the ditches unfortunately I can not choose N-W  to the right is the church tower of Zuidwolde at 1500m box at near end  ( to W0btu ) but with this morning fb propagation and low noise  I can hear them on TX antenna too hc2pf_160_bev.mp3?dl=0 P40l_160_bev.mp3 K1N toch  op wat banden in het log de laatste dagen was het niet zo moeilijk de meest hinderlijke LIDs waren al geweest en de DQRM vind het ook niet meer zo interessant  op 20 en 10 met slechts een paar calls

PACC 2015 CW low

the PACC 2015 is history Many thanks to all PACC friends for the competition and points. High band propagation was good  low band poor. Again in the low power CW section  K3  100W  40/20/15/10 rotatable dipole 22m  verticals  80 and 160 no beam set up  it is still grounded  I offered my PA competitors a good opportunity to get me of  1rst rang this way.. Bruto resultaat 2015     1458 QSO  267 multy    389019cpunten Alweer in de categorie 100W  all band CW. Zelfde antennes dipool en vertical's Ik geef de concurrentie toch alle kansen om me nu eens van de 1e plek te krijgen.. De beam heb ik nog steeds niet weer omhoog. De 40m antenne moest nog gerepareerd  SGV springers door oxidatie. Mijn O/W Beverage bi-directioneel werkt helaas nog niet beter dan de K9AY loop. De richting is niet optimaal voor USA/JA maar word bepaald door de richting van de sloten en die lopen hier allemaal  oost-west De K9AY  daar zat plotseling een onderbreking in de kabel.

28MHz super propagation 1 day WSPR

PACC uitslag 1974 ...

Het kan erg veel minder met de propagatie getuige dit 40jaar oude PACC verslag 1x W op 20m ! ...klaagde toen ook al...  Vanmorgen op 160  weinig ruis op de  verticaal mijn Beverage is gebroken. Heel goed signaal van HC1PF  onder de blind callers voor K1N6kc lager Zonder te luisteren tunen of zenden dat is heel gewoon tegenwoordig. Maar wat is de propagatie toch goed vergeleken met b.v. de jaren 70 Page:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  . . .  198  Next > No. Date  UTC Band Callsign QTH Operator Mode RSTs 1. 2015-02-11 07:09 20 m  ZL7/F8FUA CW 599 2. 2015-02-11 06:54 20 m  FW5JJ CW 579 3. 2015-02-11 06:04 160 m  W4VY CW 559 4. 2015-02-11 06:02 160 m  N3RC CW 559 5. 2015-02-11 06:00 160 m  K9MMS CW 549 6. 2015-02-11 05:58 160 m  K9OT Paul CW 569 7. 2015-02-11 05:55 160 m  N2HN CW 579 8. 2015-02-11 05:54 160 m  K8NS CW 569 9. 2015-02-11 05:52 160 m  K0VXU CW 559 10. 2015-02-11 05:49 160 m  N4QS CW 569 11. 2015-02-11 05:4


Saturday early morning K1N 1817.4   strong! to 589 big signal for 160. That should be an easy one call QSO..  hahah I did not knew then that I better went back to sleep... k1n_160_1.mp3 One time responded PA0 but never received my full call then they went on with an Italian. Hard to understand that with such signal I could not make it. I used to have a decent 160m signal even with low power and thought it be easy with such signal. Should have known better eorking DXpeditions with the QRP ACOM1000 is very hard.. They will have heavy QRM s9+  I guess It is like EME working DX-peditions  the path attenuation must be about the same and the QRM does the rest. after some hours of trying I finally  conclude   it is a mission impossible  for my humble station. And I better just keep sleeping next time. K1N 1826.3 heard well max 529 or so not strong enough to copy me no clear greyline peak  best time 05UTC 05:30 here some recording k1n_160.mp3 Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift


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