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WSPR screens 24hrs 70 50 MHz . SolarEdge PV converter 24*7 QRM!

                                        50MHz RFI  picture of SolarEdge SE8K PVC at 50m distance
Finally  i found the noise source that was frustrating weak signal reception here at the high frequencies. I took again my IC706 with a small motor bike battery to investigate better this time. I had to improvise with the rig I have the old but fb IC706 a bit heavy but good. I really need a  selective broad spectrum receiver  that covers the whole HAM radio spectrum. The SDR RTL USB 40-1800MHz receiver is a thing that could do that job. But this RTL stick is only working stable / reliable with W10  I could not use it with W7  and it is  missing the short wave bands below 40MHz The red Pitaya SDR could be the best device a reason more the purchase this miracle  device..

 The above 50MHz spectral QRM source is my neighbors  SOLAREDGE  SE8K at 50 distance.
My normal noise floor is below -60dB but since about a year my low noise environment is disturbed.
I did suspect the PV- conv…

WSPR screens 24hrs 70 50 MHz

10 4 6m   QRM    200 kHz  repeated  in direction North  , still searching for the source .  it is 24x7 weak QRM

top propagation 80m

out of the blue 80m had a top night

TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz 2016-07-20 20:18  PA0O  3.594146  -17  1  JO33hg  5  ZL4LV  RE54ec  18590  61  2016-07-20 23:02  PA0O  3.594148  -14  0  JO33hg  5  VK6XT  OF86  14234  97  2016-07-20 22:54  PA0O  3.594148  -13  0  JO33hg  5  VK6XT  OF86  14234  97  2016-07-20 22:32  PA0O  3.594148  -15  0  JO33hg  5  VK6XT  OF86  14234  97  2016-07-20 22:42  PA0O  3.594148  -15  0  JO33hg  5  VK6XT  OF86  14234  97  2016-07-20 21:42  PA0O  3.594147  -19  0  JO33hg  5  VK6XT  OF86  14234  97  2016-07-20 22:42  PA0O  3.594148  -25  0  JO33hg  5  HS0ZKM/P  OK03gr  9045  79  2016-07-20 22:32  PA0O  3.594147  -26  0  JO33hg  5  HS0ZKM/P  OK03gr  9045  79  2016-07-21 03:16  WB5B  3.594062  -27  -1  EL16de  2  PA0O  JO33hg  8589  36  2016-07-21 03:18  KD6RF  3.594124  -20  0  EM22la  5  PA0O  JO33hg  7916  38  2016-07-21 03:32  KD6RF  3.594124  -24  0  EM22la  5  PA0O  JO33hg  7916  38  2016-07-21 03:02  KD6RF  3.594123  -20  0  EM22la  5  …

W10 upgrade failure

This Thinkpad W510 with Samsung 840EVO 500GB SSD  does pass the W10 compatibiliteit test but then fails to upgrade. Would like to change to W10 since it is an improve over W7    "the system reserved partition can not be updated" must be the 100MB active boot partition that has only 7MB free? The message is unclear but has to do with a partition that can not be altered so it must be the 100MB partition. The W10 test did overlook this. And there seems no way to increase this 100MB partition.

Windows disk-manager can free diskspace  at the  upper-side  "right" of the C partition 
Win.DM is easy  no need to reboot to apply changes like other DM need.

I need free space adjacent to the 100MB to resize it to 200MB f.i.
Have not found a disk manager that can do this.
I tried:   Minitool Partition Wizzard Free 9.1    (download name:  PWfree91.exe)
There  it looks as if it is possible to increase the 100MB partition but after reboot the Partiton boot system did hang with message …

CQWW VHF 50mHZ ervaring

Zaterdag  pas laat in de middag QRV  6m was toen open naar  UA en YO  misschien al langere tijd.
Wist niet welke contest het was, pas zondag hoorde ik van IS0BSR  de CQWW-VHF dus.
PG7V   contest agenda is perfect  maar alleen voor HF.
De  CQWW-VHF contest heeft voor VHF de perfecte EXCHange.
alleen  CALL  en locator(4)  dus JO33   alleen de echte informatie zonder
overbodig rapport en serial.

Zeer snelle QSO's zijn zo mogelijk  een korte reflectie is al voldoende.

LZ  YO SV E7  UT R7  en TA2AD
29 QSO

best DX EA8DBM 3363km  schatter signaal klonk als tropo 529

SV3BSF/B  zondag ochtend haast continue te ontvangen
maar toch geen andere signalen uit Griekenland
veel CQ zonder response terwijl het SV3 baken steeds goed doorkwam
toch werden LZ en SV gespot
slechts 11 QSO  zondag
waarvan DX

antenne HF/6M(5e)  ca 22m bg    4m(5e) 23m bg

EWB Multisim

This 10MHz RF amplifier design is drawn and optimized for gain  using Multisim 10. This Electronic workbench program is a pleasure to work with. Circuits drawing modifying and testing is easy and quick. 
The ease of drawing is even outperforming Schemeit the perfect free online circuit drawing tool offered by Digikey  But version 10 does have some problems.  In the process of optimizing it sudden can go wild. The virtual meters give strange impossible values. The output sudden drops from 1.5V AC  to a few uV When checking its own simulating credibility by placing a Voltmeter direct over its own the 5V supply, erroneous values are displayed. As if the electrical rule database behind is damaged. Could not find a tool to repair it.  Only way is to go back to the latest saved working model. Multisim is now at version 14. Possible this problem is solved in newer versions. The program is a bit too expensive for hobby only.  

WSPR 70 / 50 MHz over last week

13-7-2016   50.4358  D4C/B  hrd 569  HK76mv    evening  + ES  1 skip Italy I0

70MHz wspr

2016-07-08 01:52  PA0O  70.092550  -22  -2  JO33hg  5  M0NKA  IO92ak  583  264  2016-07-07 18:26  G6HSM  70.092474  -25  -3  JO01oe  1  PA0O  JO33hg  435  56  2016-07-07 15:12  PA0O  70.092549  -23  -4  JO33hg  5  DB0ZDF  JN49cx  382  163  2016-07-13 14:34  G3THQ  70.092540  -27  0  IO91un  5  G0MJI  IO83ni  265  320  2016-07-07 22:24  PA0JME  70.092424  -25  -1  JO21ri  20  DB0ZDF  JN49cx  247  127  2016-07-07 17:32  PA0JME  70.092436  -24  0  JO21ri  20  PA0O  JO33hg  227  20  2016-07-08 15:44  PA0JME  70.092554  -12  -1  JO21ri  20  PA2GP  JO33hb  206  22  2016-07-07 16:34  PA4JB  70.092456  -27  1  JO22fb  20  PA0O  JO33hg  198  47  2016-07-08 13:02  PA0O  70.092592  -12  -1  JO33hg  5  PA4JB  JO22fb  198  228

50 MHz wspr
 2016-07-14 12:22  PA0O  50.294514  -25  0  JO33hg  5  RX3DHR  KO94ks  2095  72  2016-07-14 10:30  PA0O  50.294518  -5  0  JO33hg  5  UY0LL  KN79xx  2043  88  2016-07-10 17:3…

2016 IARU HF World Championship Contest

IARU HF Championship 2016
high activity   3117 log's received   71 from PA

With SFI fixed at bottom line 95 propagation 10m was poor as expected.
Last week  wspr best 160m dx 630km
Surprised to hear anything at 28MHz.

few  USA 21MHz  no USA 28MHz that's is the present state of the HF propagation

But this can happen in a contest!
Called  by   5H3EE  TANZANIA  80m 3519kHz

RI1ANT n 80m CW in the contest ITU 69 good signal
but constant callers made a simple contest QSO  impossible
I do apologize  if I did call at the wrong time?
there was a HQ station and an other one constant calling
making a mesh and RI1ANT went QRT several times

2016 IARU HF World Championship Contest
             Callsign: PA0O
                       Single Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High Power

        Reported QSOs: 928
         Ignored QSOs: 2
       Confirmation #: 4334029.iaru-hf

Tanzania   5H3EE

The struggle to make the ADF4351 10MHz reference signal.

The ADF4351 PLL needs a  full TTL level  at 50OHm in the 10MHz reference.
The internal TCXO delivers 5V pk  at the ADF reference port. Then the resulting signal at 1296 / 1152 MHz is a clean small carrier about 60dB S/N  at the SDR RTL stick Using  400mV tt  clean sinus signal from the amplified GPSDO ( 40mV pk) gave a broad raspy tone at the output port of the ADF I tried a MMIC demo ampl. with the MAR6  and INA10386 DC to 2GHz broadband amps   got a clean 40mV pk 10MHz  at the input of the INA  measuring 5V DC supply ,  2V bias at the output pin and  0.2V bias at the input pin of the INA10386,  normal levels. 40mV tt at the input resulting in 0V out.. coupling C 10nF  L 10uH Why this MMIC do not work for 10MHz ? i do not know yet maybe  my  10MHz  driving issue can be solved by a simple opamp or an other discrete part amplifier like the one below optimised in Multisim I  have to be sure of the solution before I start to trial and error soldering again It can not be that difficult t…

ES 30 June

Exciting spots 50MHz    W7 's worked in DL   nothing here.. JW7QIA  was only579   , more south everything was stronger JW7QIA was reported in ON  9+++   nothing new all seen before. JW7QIA  had huge pile working split worked before. Would been a new one on 70MHz ... but then only 599+ in ON and S-PA i am afraid 
I heard 70.063 LA2VHF  559 JP53 then heard LB3AG would be a new call  cq 56 70.200   but he replied to an other PA3  much stronger of course and faded
did QTF 0 CQ'n for some time in the hope something might possible over the North pole still we are close to the longest day solstitium zonnewende  always the most interesting time for 50/70 MHz propagation . however last weeks we rarely had sun the longest day was overcast and rain. 6M was wide open OH SM2 ES LA JW7QIA  strong DL's backscatter working / reporting the rare W7 K7 west-coast square CN !! but i was in the middle  in the death zone as used before went QRT  too early? later PE5T reported KL7PY !! 50106 10…