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WAECW propagation / N1MM / 6M open to Brasil

Besides enjoying the Olympic games  with its fantastic opening and closing ceremony A fantastic performance by the U.K.! I did some contesting  this weekend. Finally a real contest this weekend the WAECW   nice contest  only outside Europe QSO's  allowed! That is the type contests I like. Propagation not bad at all! SF 135 or so 21MHz    even long path open to ZM1A   and ZL3IO  21:22 21:35 Most QSO on 21  some  28 to far east  and a few 20 40 80. I heard D64K  good at 3502kHz  early morning  but my 80 vertical would not cooperate. Gave "ARC"   tried to fix it in the night the  vertical  line did touch another wire of the 40/30m dipole. I could not even use it with low power. I replace a suspect plug , no result  had I listen better to my XYL  that would not have been  necessary.. She said something about the wires hanging strange earlier when it was still light outside.. Even tested the cable  with a dummy-load the outside cable was okay... Wasted  ti


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