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the beam  tilt up leveled exact with the rotor pipe makes it a one man job.  Some issues came up during assembling. The rotor pipe is limited to 50mm by the U-bolts while even a light Kenpro 400  accepts 65mm. Why using  outlet muffler type "no grip"  U-bolts   instead of threaded  U-bolts Threaded U-bolts have much more grip and do not need to be bolted extreme to prevent the antenna twisting around destroying the cables. I made my own stainless M8 threaded U-bolts again.. Also Fritzel beams FB33 use this type of non threaded U-clamps they hold only  when the tube diameter fits precise the clamp saddle and then bolt it very firmly with the risk of lacing up the beam. The first storm here  already did break the beam through the clamps. But must say I am using temporary a  40mm rotor pipe not the 50mm maximum size. That makes it a lot weaker connection.  Since 50 to 40 mm diameter means 20% more force on the clamps plus that they do do not fit co


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