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PJ6D already confirmed in LOTW

Dick  K5AND and Pat W5OZI and  George K5TR on Saba. That explains!  Dick and Pat  always find an opening to EU. Until now all their dx-peditions to the Caribbean  where a success. Today was not much for dx XV1X  BA4SI  JA's DU/PA0HIP where all worked north-east EU nothing here just pings from the callers.   I think i need only a short opening to XV1X to catch. It will be much easier then the XV1AA Shim in SSB  i have the feeling... i heard Vietnam several times loud but Shim never seemed to hear me then 10-November-2001 10 years back..  

PJ6D worked on 6 m

I had 160/80m WSPR mode running this week when in Germany for QRLthe lows band having a hard time for DX now.At 160m A45SWL sometimes decodes me.  80m little better T61AA  and VK7DIK few times. I had no internet access in the hotel i went to a nice cafe but even there access was slow i could not control wspr remote some evenings. Friday evening back home switched to 6m  wspr  but nothing heard. Then saw KP4EIT spots from ON/ south PA 50.110 did not hear him. PJ6D was reported 50.106  QSX up 2 After some time hearing only calling stations suddenly  a clear signal from PJ6D came in! woow DX Could work him after some time. Then he became  even a bit loud here in JO33hg He was working into KN78 !  One SV was complaining  about not hearing..  I could not feel real sorry for him  I was thinking  pay your bills first. I know that is not fair  but I could not help.. And thought about being  born in Greece.. I would be retired some 15 years now all the time in the world to work DX .

to SMIRK or not to SMIRK thats the question?? 6m contest Band open to USA VE E-EU

This weekend finally we had action on 6m here in the JO33hg no go zone... Found  6m wide open when i started but i could not find the rules to N1MM logger i was not prepared for the contest I did not expect we would have a Ball at 6m I was confused about what contest was on and started VHF serial type since i heard exchange with serial given on the band.. And now Sunday  i still hear serial  exchanged Also a signal report is not needed as i see on the SMIRK side? Exchange  is callsign, SMIRK number, if applicable, and grid square. Partial contacts in which one of the above pieces of information are missing, do not count.  6 digit square ?  or is 4 digits okay too?  That would be my type of contest !   just the locator as real info.. Our  normally well informed contest calendar by PG7V did not mention SMIRK because that is not HF. Now later found SMIRK needs no serial number but optional a SMIRK member NR to double the QSO points..  There was a good Stateside openi

6M open to PJ4E but not here. Flux is rising like the stock market it has been better.

Maybe came to late at the radio. Heard a pile at 50105  Apparently calling up  for PJ4E.  PA's  west of me were calling. I did not hear the PJ4E.   I did not hear any DX  could be something is wrong at the RX  or antenna here. Dough i do hear the regular beacons  normal ? Also the result at 50MHz  WSPR is good but hard to compare. Since there are only a few QRV in EU.   And very very few outside EU to catch. CN8LI is regular the best DX  1x OD/DL     Further 4X1DA but not seen yet here. of course Ross T61AA  in MM44 is active  but he will need  his 6m yagi's up if not there is not much chance to decode. If we had no WSPR possible would not have put the 6m antenna up even knowing that WSPR activity is low at 6. But the idea being QRV at 6m 7 days/week  was  too tempting. Remembering the openings i had to miss in the past by not being QRV..    So stop digging into the noise.  6M is nice for  S-EU in this low sunspot time and back to the 80/160 less location discriminating b

K3 2nd external RX antenna. Today's VK7DIK 80m index is 3...against 1 yesterday..

When using the K3  KVX3  RX ANT IN  and RX ANT OUT for the 50MHz preamp.  The lowband receive K9AY loop antenne had to be disconnected.  But i think there is a  work around for this problem. I now use the AUX connector to the K9AY for the 2nd receiver. When the SUB is switched in. The audio Left channel is the main and right is the sub. The AF SUB Volume control is balance control for diversity receiving over 2 different antennas.  The SUB can be switched to AUX or MAIN ANT. So if the sub receiver is locked to the main and the ANT is switched to AUX i can use the K9AY connected to AUX. For WSPR i need to set the recorder mixer ruler to the right to have only the loop audio or to left to have the main antenna signal. Or i the middle for a mix. Would be nice if the line in left/right audio balance was also controlled by the SUB -AF knob but it seems it is not. I did set the mixer line-in ruler to the right and than switch of the Loop and i see a level drop.  I did not see this level

low bands

T61AA at 160m  WSPR  did not yet copy me but  A45SWL did copy about same distance but little more south path. 6 times Steve  A45SWL  did decode my 5W until now only 1 decode by VK7DIK 80M  22:16UTC  very late again must have been daylight in Tasmania then. Propagation is deep deep down all bands.

6m is a bit sad in WSPR

6m  is  poor not only in WSPR 6m  The highlights so far an other QSO with A92IO and heard J88ARC/B  at 50.0085   FM5WD and FG6GL  one evening since then not much but EU ES There was an opening to USA but not here in JO33hg as far as I know.   My 7 ele LFA  does work but i do not expect much at 50 here. I was hoping for more WSPR activity at 50MHz. T61AA Ross is the only Asian WSPR active it seems.  Until he gets his yagi's out of  storage he is using a wire.. 80m is still good even in these times with high a-index and long daylight. VK7DIK is still decoding me at 80m during greyline time. Lasts sometimes  way over 1 hour  and the result is complete different from day to day.   Yesterday  7 decodes by VK7DIK and 13 by VK5PJ I did not copy them. A decode here of VK is rare. I have not decoded a VK long time but been decoded many times even when the signals here are "strong" and i am decoded with 1W still no trace of VK7DIK or other VK's  on the screen. Eve


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