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Only S&P    10M single band  low power 186Q     80030 point Not easy to get trough the pile ups   bad receiving  QRM  to big piles? Some operators had big piles but still gave there call every QSO  that was not making it easier for the ones behind the wall of S-E-Europe. Or some started new CQ  while in a big EU pile. 100W is absolute QRP power in the Phone world where every kW helps... best DX   VK7GN  VK2GWK  KG6DX There was a VK6   59  but  he must have had the attenuator in?   or listening on a Beverage? plus 2 VK4  heard only  WSPR has more activity in VK  Most QSO where with S.A.  the band was open to 20 UTC   no USA VE  or JA heard   highest QSO numer heard  P33W   6066 13:49 UTC !! and  5D5A 5134   13:06UTC real high numbers !


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